Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Round Trip to Nailsea

A less dramatic start to the day than of late - the sun tried to break through the clouds, but took its time.
Walking Bella, saw this lonely abandoned knitted hat left on a bench. Not my style so I left it there...
It had been another cold night, so still lots of frost about on windscreens, roofs and vegetation.
Passed a second car with a notice from the Council under the Refuse Disposal (Amenity) Act.  This one had a tax disc that expired at the end of last November, so I expect that it will soon be towed away.
After breakfast, and a bit of domestic footling, it was time to pack up the van to go over to Nailsea to play some music. With the PA and other bits, it's not as simple as picking up a guitar and going out of the door!
Had a clear drive to Nailsea, and saw lots of possible photo opportunities, but no time to stop unfortunately.  Managed this shot stopped at traffic lights.
Got to Bob's house, to be greeted by Vicky who told me that he had gone to work. Crossed wires on one or both of our parts, but no problem.  No music played, but I managed to leave the PA stuff there, so that is one less thing to worry about when moving. Managed to take a few pictures on the return trip starting with this opposite Britannia Spice (and the Cane Furniture Winter Sale) in Backwell.
Next to Monty & Mabel's - not sure what their business is, but a great name!
On the way back drove through the woods in Brockley Combe, saw petrol advertised at £.11 (at a defunct petrol station, unfortunately), and a car parked across a track with sign saying"Not Suitable for Motors". Had I been able to stop to photograph them, they would be candidates to show here. I did manage to pull over at Chew Valley Lake, which was really still and calm.
Came home and went out for lunch with Su just round the corner at our local cafe, "Coffee @ Camden".  Despite the name it does not have WiFi, and nor will it because it would apparently encourage people to sit there even longer than they already do! Nice panini and good coffee.
After that, we set off along Claremont towards Camden as the sun started its descent for the afternoon with the mist starting to form.
My eye was drawn to the way that the sun shone on the steam coming out behind these plants.
This pair of doors are certainly not the colours that they would have originally been painted.  Surprised the conservation police have not had words with the owners...
An unusually shaped building opposite the top of Gay's Hill - a bit of a wedge of a house.
The view from Camden Terrace.  We went to look at a flat there,  but decided very quickly that it wasn't for us - so the nearby house is still our front runner for somewhere to buy.
Near the end of Camden Terrace is this old pub - sometimes has really good music (hence "And All That Jazz" tag)
Wandered home after that - Bella was pleased to see us (and have her tea). A snooze by the stove and a cup of tea for us, and then checked my email. Super-efficient administrator at UWE has accomplished in one day what several academic managers have not in six months - I once more have access credentials to UWE email and online systems! Now I'll start preparing for Hong Kong properly.

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