Friday, 20 January 2012

Stay at Home Blog

No stunning skies to photograph this morning. Out with Bella, we found the Christmas tree that got left behind.
Bella on a scent, with her tail unusually unmoving (sign of deep concentration as she decodes the sniff!)
This wall will need rebuilding soon. Looks like it has been done before.
Spotted this old Morris Minor - in need of some TLC by the look of the radiator grille.
Our repeat house-viewer was still here when Bella and I got back in from the walk. She seemed keen, but not yet put a bid on the house. Su spent the day off out, helping a friend with her grandchildren.  I got my head down - or rather stuck in the computer. Time to tidy up lots of things, run back-up routines and start preparing materials for the Hong Kong trip (I start teaching a month today). Time flew past, so that by the time I took Bella out it was nearly dusk.  The skies were dramatic!
I'm a sucker for images of street lights against dawn or dusk skies (one of my favourite Magritte paintings is "The Empire of Light"), so couldn't resist this.
The lightshow went on for about 20 minutes.  There would have been more photographs, but my phone decided to crash. It doesn't always cope well with switching between the app I use for taking photographs and the one for stitching panoramas together.
Bella happily nosed out an old tennis ball, which she proudly carried home to add to her extensive collection of balls in front and back gardens.  I counted over a dozen the other day!

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  1. The photographs are very scenic and the serenity is very evident. The post is great plus the photos, it's totally awesome.