Friday, 27 January 2012

A Day of Light

Completely clear skies this morning - not a cloud to be seen.
Morning light catching this weeping willow
With clear skies comes the frost, as shown on this car windscreen.
After breakfast, we went off to have a look at the flat that Su viewed yesterday.  It is out in the country, in a former bishop's castle - complete with crenellated walls.
The whole building contains about 10 flats.  The flat was a lovely big space, but not sure I'm up for the rural seclusion.
Never seen a numberplate that is just numbers before...
Mind you, the idea of having a driveway to the house was quite appealing!
Went for coffee and a cake afterwards in Chew Magna (a village nearby with cable and three banks!). Saw this rather unusual garden ornament for sale.
Also saw these daffodils, with one about to burst into flower.
Then it was home through the gathering clouds.  The skies opened, before clearing in time for Su's walk with Bella.
But what weather comes next?
Tonight is the last night of Illuminate Bath, an event based around the Roman Baths. We may go down to it, but the temperature is falling rapidly. In case we don't get there, here is a photo from last night posted on Twitter by @jchaps21 (John Chapman), who wrote,"Had a great time creating a live illustration on the Pump Rooms for @Illuminatebath tonight." There is also a slideshow on the This is Bath website.
This day a year ago I suddenly realised I need to write my blog entry after a day at the Degree Factory.  Posted this photograph of the clouds from the plane to Lisbon in October 2010.
Tomorrow, we have two more viewings of the house,. Then off to see our chums, Bill and Patsi, late afternoon - so the blog may be late and/or short...

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