Saturday, 24 March 2012

Leisurely Organisation

As  a result of getting ready to change outside the back of the house, we have lots of stuff that we no longer want. Rather than just take it straight to the tip, we have had a little display out the front of house yesterday evening and today. Not very much is left- we've just got rid of the bench as well!
The mahonia flowers have turned into grape-like fruits
Out with Bella afternoon, this willow really stood out against the sky.
The stream is running very low.
The ground is drying out and starting to form cracks already - not something we are used to seeing in March.
These snails have been tucked up all winter, and aren't moving yet despite the sunshine.
The view across Charlcombe Valley.
Bella found a stick to chew.
The result five minutes later!
A bank of primroses.
Mystic markings on the road.
Just the weather for taking the top down on your convertible.
Blossom coming out everywhere.
Did some filing (only two years' worth!) and found these stickers from our trip to Cuba.  They will soon be adorning the van!
This day a year ago, I was again on strike in support of the pensions dispute (which is still rumbling on).  I didn't go to UWE this time. As it was a warm Spring day, I withheld my labour at home and went down to our patch of allotment and had a nice walk. Then we went for a lovely meal, seeing all this as preparation for retirement! Colourful skies in the evening.

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