Monday, 19 March 2012

Sunny Afternoon by the Lake

Woken by the sound of the phone ringing - we had slept in a bit. I blame "War of the Worlds" (the Spielberg version) on TV last night, which we watched again. We have loads of films recorded but still end up watching ones we have already seen.  Mind you, it is a really gripping film.  The morning was bright and sunny - hooray!
Jay Rayner says that you should never, ever, ever put tomatoes in the fridge - it kills their flavour. If you leave them out of the fridge to keep their flavour, they also tend to grow nice little fungus beards…
Took the van down into Larkhall to find someone who can replace the middle section of the van's back bumper before its MoT. Bodyworks rang back with a reasonable quote later on, so now I can go ahead order the replacement part online. Continuing the vegetative photographs theme, here is our pineapple ripening in the sun on the front windowsill.
We went off for a picnic lunch at Chew Valley Lake.  The breeze was up, so it was a little cool but the light was lovely.
Great having a few clouds in the sky to really set off the sunshine.
While we had our sandwiches and drank our tea, Bella was happy out on the grass with her ball.
This chap betting on the swans being well behaved enough to take just the bread and not his fingers with it.
A gate with a scarf!
The sunlight caught these new willow leaves.
It was so bright and clear that every view was a photo opportunity - I took many more than are here!
The light on the lake was stunning.
A Mothers' Day bouquet in memoriam. There are often flowers and other offerings at different spots around the lake in memory of family members.
Tonight, Left At The Lights will all be in same place at the same time for the first time since last July! We have managed to get organised enough to start weekly practice sessions. This will see me back to UWE to the Surround Studio, where we used to convene when I taught there. I am back over there again on Friday, so clearly not yet achieved escape velocity from the place!

This day a year ago, this was my better half's photograph of a really big full moon.  I think it is art!

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