Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Back from Dublin

After posting the blog last night, met up with Luke Clancy in the bar of my hotel. We chewed the fat for a few hours and drank too much. He showed me his promotional give-aways for a play he has written - the mind boggles!
Woke up this morning far brighter and bushy-tailed than I had any right to be. Walked from the hotel to the National College of Art & Design, taking photographs as I went.
Great lamp posts in the centre of town.
Not sure what inspired this addition, but it made me smile.
Not sure what this frontage is for, but it's an impressive piece of neo-classical architecture.
St Audoens Church next door.
Graffiti and stencil. Better quality than our local street artists in Bath.
The entrance to the National College of Art and Design. It used to be a whiskey distillery, and has lots of original features still surviving.
You know you're in Eire when the postboxes are green…
Held the PhD viva to a successful conclusion - the candidate has passed (subject to minor amendments). Afterwards we all went for lunch, then I had to shoot off to the airport to catch the plane back to Bristol. Landed early so walked up towards the entrance, where I flagged down Su when she came to pick me up.
We went for a lovely meal at The Carpenter's Arms in Stanton Wick, who are having a Fish Festival at the moment. Lovely magnolia in bloom outside in the dusk.
This day a year ago, had a fragmented day finished off with a quick bit of iPad maintenance for Su, followed by the second part of an 80s Disarmament Campaign based "Waking the Dead". (This took me back to those heady days, when Su & I met). This was after we'd enjoyed this delicious meal (including our own fresh broccoli).

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