Sunday, 18 March 2012

A Weekend of Great Food

A great night in Nailsea last night. Lovely food and good company - good to see Richard, Barbara, Trish and Ola again and to meet Kate, Norman and Dom for the first time. We even had indoor sparklers between the main course and the dessert(s).
This morning still had some of the clouds from last night's rain hanging about, but little glimmers of blue sky promised better to come.
A slow morning followed by a spell in the garden using our "LogMatic" log splitter to get wood ready for our stove. We have decided to try and stop using so much coal and to use up some of our stash of well-seasoned wood.  Su christened this devicethe "ferdunker-bunker" for the noise it makes when you use it - a great little invention (as long as the wood isn't rock hard…)
Sat on the bench and appreciated a splash of sunlight on the silver birch.  Looked like the clouds were finally moving off.
After Su took Bella out for an early walk, it was off into Bristol to Dynasty to address our lack of dim sum since returning from Hong Kong. Managed to pause from eating the delicious items to photograph  these morsels (yam croquettes, paper-wrapped prawns and bean curd roll shown).
Coming home, the skies had cleared to give a beautiful spring afternoon.
The A4 coming into Bath.
Lansdown Crescent looked great in the late afternoon sun.
St Stephens Church lit up with sunlight rather than the rather lurid coloured lights that illuminate it at night (currently a spooky magenta - most fetching).
The view from the top of our hill.
This day a year ago, I had survived another week at UWE, and realised that I had only three weeks of teaching left before the end of the academic year. Managed to escape early enough to go up to Westonbirt with Su - stayed till sunset.

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