Friday, 2 March 2012

Foggy Day and Foggy Brain

Went to sleep relatively early last night, so of course I was awake at 6.30 this morning to see the joys of fog.
Su went off for an early morning haircut to restore her spiky look while I took Bella out into the gloom.
Noticed this carefully wrapped up plant in a neighbour's garden - better treatment than our yucca has received!
Also noticed this rather fetching gate. I must have walked past it hundreds of times...
The lamp posts in the area have been decorated with these notices of new parking restrictions that the council wants to introduce - bound to be contentious whatever is decided. Anyone got a driveway I can put my camper van on?
The sun was doing its best to dispel the fog.
My neighbour's gate has a dose of green measles!
The sun eventually managed to clear quite a bit of the mist away, but some lingered all day.
We went out on an expedition to get a few essentials, which involved getting down to St James Street West.
This was the booty that Su had gone in in search of.
I got a late birthday present from Su today.  Looking forward to lots of concessions now - no more prescription charges, reduced entry to events but unfortunately not yet my bus pass (I have to wait until January 6th 2014 for that...).
Felt increasingly grotty as the day wore on. I think I might have Su's Hong Kong lergi, but rallied enough to take Bella out for an afternoon stroll. The number 5 is quite assertive today.
This notice always makes me wonder how people get up this pole - by helicopter, or with one of those cranes that street lights get changed with? 
The skies provided a dramatic backdrop to the sound of the woodpecker drilling away for insects.  It has been going all day. Do they get headaches? Maybe I'm part woodpecker…
More mackerel skies.
Like a scene from the Biblical epic films of my childhood.
Rubbish has started to return to the paths I cleared a while ago. This particular path even has about four empty carrier bags deposited along it. Maybe it's time to adopt my Womble persona again.  The local council has been organising community clean ups in various parts of the city - typically collecting over a ton in a day.
I couldn't fit this in a carrier bag!
This day a year ago, I went to a conference in London. Unfortunately, I was awake far too early and disturbed Su's slumbers in the process, so she spent the day rather dazed. She posted this picture from the day before of a swearing but quite accomplished tightrope-walking violinist.

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  1. Luckily I got my bus pass at 60. A friend in Blackburn wasn't quite so lucky, they cancelled issuing them 4 weeks before his 60th birthday. Naturally I didn't rub it in at all...