Monday, 12 March 2012

Academic stuff and walkabouts

Last night's sunset was beautiful - with cleared skies and rich colours. Afterwards, yet again the clouds rolled over, and we were back to our morning pattern of mist and cloud. This morning, I actually went into my new work space, closed the glass doors (as much to protect Su from bonkers music I am working my way through as anything) and managed some brain work. A spot of marking, read a bit more of the Dublin PhD and a phone call about being a reviewer for a new journal.  Glad that my brain is starting to return after the bout of lergi. Tonight will be the last antibiotic of the course, so that should remove any excuse I have for snoozing off!
I also started the process of tracking down a replacement back bumper middle section for the van, in anticipation of its forthcoming MoT. Suddenly remembered I had a prescription to pick up, so zoomed off to the chemist with Bella before they closed for lunch. On the way, I bumped into our chimney sweep, AKA Smiley John Sweep (although his name is really Simon...).  I used to teach him at UWE when he was a programming student! On the way back from the chemist, noticed red patches on the pavement and wondered if this was a leftover from Holi.  Then I realised that somebody had been spraying uncollected dog droppings - talk about slow!
Then it was back for a bit more of this…
Took Bella out into what had turned into another very pleasant afternoon, as the mist had cleared and the clouds gradually blew away.
Not BT Infinity this time, but another utility digging up the pavement.
Round at the newly purchased house, they have been playing with a digger. I suspect that this hole is going to become their off-road parking spot. The road is narrow there,with quite a bit of competition for feasible parking spaces (sounds like most of Bath, or most cities these days).
Different attachments for the digger?
Even more digging - this time under the chute from two doors along. I had naively assumed that the builders would put a skip underneath it…
Another peaceful and clement afternoon.
I nearly obeyed this instruction, but restrained myself just in time :-)!
More blossom, looking great against the sky.
A newly-moved in cat has gone missing.  Hope she gets found soon…
This day a year ago, we were zipping about Bath including a visit to a local garden centre.  Why do they all sell tropical fish?
Tomorrow morning, we intend to go and finally catch "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel" at the Little Theatre. Let's see if we get there, and if we get tickets this time!

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