Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Normal Service Resumed...

At last found a way to post the blog - via the iPad. I think that a change I made to my browser yesterday may be at fault ( a test for later...). In the meantime, here are yesterday's photos and report of the day. Woke yesterday morning with the dawn. The sun now rises at the back of the house - all part of Summer's advance!

Went down to Claremont a bit later, and liked the way the sun shone behind the spire of the Methodist church.
Went out for breakfast and afterwards took in Prior Park garden centre outside. Su says she sees herself like this...
Lovely to see flowers and colourful foliage all set off by a clear blue sky.
After that it was off to the tip at Saltford, via the Co- op. this chap said,"You can't take photographs in here."! No signs to that effect, and exactly what state secrets would I be revealing?:)
This is the name of the road away from the tip. Great name!
Came back via Lansdown,where the roadside daffodils are still in full flower.
Out with Bella later on in the afternoon, thought I was seeing double with this gate - I guess I was!
These are not distant birds but very close midges. The warm weather has brought out loads of bees and flies of various sizes.
Clear blue skies don't offer such interesting shots as brooding cloud- filled ones, but have their own charms.
Bella wasn't interested in the view, having found a golf ball early in our walk. She got me to kick and throw it for her as usual.
These trees looked great framed against the blue sky.
This day a year ago, we laid a small lawn before going to Bristol for dim sum as our reward.

Off to Dublin later today, and going to an exhibition/ performance of the PhD candidate's work ( viva tomorrow morning) . So the next blog post may be shorter &/or later &/or in instalments...


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