Sunday, 11 March 2012

Mellow Day

The day started off really misty, but it soon cleared - from this side of the hill. When I took Bella out, there was still a lot about over Bathampton way.
These disciplined ranks of daffodils are looking a bit looser than they did now that the flowers are coming out.
One bag of recycling that did not make it on the the lorry this week. You day will come (next Thursday…)
Breakfast sequed into a spot of sorting out and cleaning. Then Su watched half a film, and I carried on the long task of sorting through my iPhone photographs (just over 12,000 photographs as of today!) After lunch, we went for a walk above Primrose Woods - admiring the tussocks as we went, and speculating if they were originally molehills?
The sky was clear and blue.
Beckford's Tower at the top of hill.
Bella was happy - at one stage carrying around all three of these sticks, with pauses for a good chew every now and then.
We dropped down into the woods and enjoyed the peaceful and gentle afternoon.  The woods were a lot less busy than we had thought they might be.Maybe was because today was the Bath Half Marathon (the roads around the route have had signs up saying "Marathon Diversion". In our wanderings yesterday, we followed one such signed route and it was quite extensive!) 
Lots of work been done in the woods since I was last there.
Great to see the trees about to burst into leaf any day now.  After this it was home for tea and cake.  Su finished watching her film, and I got through the first pass of my photos!
This day last year, our personal focus seemed unimportant with the news of the Japanese tsunami, and the nuclear plant damage at Fukushima.

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