Friday, 16 March 2012

End of Week Feeling

Another overcast start to the day. At least we are some way beneath the clouds, rather than being immersed in them - actually able to see across the valley for the first time in days.
Out with Bella, I had a momentary brainstorm fixation with drain covers, realising how there are all sorts of different designs. Resisted the temptation to feature a load of them here - just this rather stylish curved one.
After breakfast, I made a final assault on the PhD thesis.  Managed to get through to the end of it by lunchtime, and then listened to some of the music composed as a result of the rather arcane processes described in it. Actually quite listenable (mind you, Su thinks that some of the stuff I expose my ears to is headache inducing...). Later on went out with Su and Bella down to Alice Park, stopping on the way to admire our pansies on the front window sill.
Down in Alice Park, the jonquils (aka "small daffodils") are all out and surviving the daily challenges of dogs and small children.
The dogwood is starting to bud.
This is a lily pond in warmer times
It provides a link through marriage to the person after whom the park is named.
The japonica was flowering.
These dangling flowers/seed pods are from last year - I think (my horticultural adviser may well correct me).
At first I thought that this was a lone small sock - turned out to be a bit of tennis ball.
The view looking up towards Fairfield Park and our house. 
Forsythia also starting to come into bloom. 
This day a year ago, we had been looking at possible vehicles for post-UWE life and buying Su an iPad case. I speculated whether we had too many computing devices in the house (we have no fewer today...)

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