Thursday, 15 March 2012

Obscured by Clouds

The unremitting greyness continues - lovely views obscured, sunshine occluded. The joys of March - today is the Ides (so watch your back if name's Julius!). For lunch I had a sandwich made from this bread - two hearts beat as one.
Having bashed my brain against the PhD thesis for another 50+ pages, I decided that Bella could have an early walk, so we went up to the top of Lansdown.  I thought that we might be above the mist there. We may have been but our heads were in the clouds!
I was taking a photograph of this patch of moss when I noticed a very attentive Bella in corner of the frame - she had found a ball and wanted me to play (of course).
Long established moss on these tree trunks added a spot of colour to the afternoon.
Further on our walk, it was pretty murky.
Bella didn't mind - she had her ball, and me to throw it for her. I liked way this telegraph pole loomed out of the mist, with its companion barely visible.
Spiders had been out all over the hillside, leaving their gossamer webs to catch the moisture in the air.
A bit like our ash system, the farmer runs the field drain into an old bath, which overflows into a plastic container, before dribbling all the way down the hill. There are sometimes cows and calves in this field, but not for the past several months.
Well established lichen and mosses on these branches.
On the way back to the van - Bella kept me throwing and kicking that ball for her all the way.
May be the start of a new gallery - a single wellington boot.  Owner hopping mad?
Back to a bit more PhD reading before deciding that composing blog was much more important. We had tickets for the launch this evening of Jem Finer's Mobile Sinfonia down at the Roman Baths. I have had enough of being in the cold and damp for today - warmth wins out over culture tonight.
This day a year ago, Su was dreaming of our next trip to Symi - a mere 29 days away. She posted pictures from our 2009 trip to keep spirits up - still good today! We'll be back there in May, along with a whole crew some of whom we'll see on Saturday night.

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