Thursday, 29 March 2012

Blooming Times

Another bright start to the day - but with some clouds in the sky!
As well as a TV keyring, I have brought back a bit of a cold from Dublin as a souvenir. So I cleaned the kitchen floor to ward it off before we went  out for a cup of coffee at Prior Park Garden Centre. Lovely blossom there.
Just by the canal, there was a big crane doing something big-craneish.
Went to the post office sorting office to pick something up, on the way passing this church and more blossom.
Coming along by the river, yet more blossom - it is a great year for it, but not good for people affected by tree pollen.
Went round the Circus on the way home.
Out with Bella, even more flowers have come out.
The first bluebells of Spring - Spanish ones rather than the native variety.  Don't normally see these out until late April at the earliest.
More flowers framed against the sky.
After clear blue skies all day, some hint of more.
This was the satellite view of the U.K. on Tuesday - like an atlas.
This day a year ago, Su endured the joys of shopping at Cribbs causeway, but succeeded in buying a pair of sandals. Later, we went to see a Woody Allen film. Su liked the way the sun reflected off these car roofs to make them look like pools of water.

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