Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Quiet Day

Another grey start to the day. Took Bella for a late stroll this morning when it was still gloomy.  Su felt a bit under the weather, and I got my head down working through another section of the PhD for Dublin.
The weather very gradually brightened up, as did Su thankfully.
After she came back from her afternoon walk, I lifted my eyes from the PhD sections about bonkers music and art installations and went out in the garden with Bella for some air. For a change, she managed to look at the camera when the shot was taken!
The late afternoon was the brightest it had been all day.
It was time to sort out our stove. Here is our system for the ash - from the stove into the small bucket overnight to cool down before being transferred to the bin until it gets disposed of. If the ashes go straight from the stove into the bin, the embers continue to burn - sometimes for weeks, insulated by a blanket of ash.
After the subject matter of what I had been reading, everything looked like it could be in an exhibition.  This is Su's sculpture, "Wood on Chair"!
The primroses by our pond have come out.
This is the sound-in-space part of the installation!
The hellebores looked great in the sun.
This day a year ago, I was up early with Bella and then went to get some new tyres for my car. As the garage was near the gasometer, I couldn't resist a photograph from closer than my usual photographs.

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  1. Regarding your ash disposal system... A few years ago I was following a Trabant in East Germany, with its fibreglass body. It has a rear window sticker - "No hot ashes please"!