Saturday, 17 March 2012

Off to Market and Later to Nailsea

Some movement in the weather - overnight rain,  and clouds actually moving in the sky. Even suggestions that the sun might break through!
 The skies did brighten for a while, as shown with thi sglimmer though our window decoration.
Off to the Farmers' Market at Green Park station 
After that we had breakfast at the Secret Garden Cafe at Prior Park Garden Centre and actually went to look at flowers today.
Pots of all shapes, sizes and designs.
After lunch and some sorting out on the domestic front, it was time to take Bella out. Water board Number 107 mystic message!
The clouds were looming and threatening rain as we went out.
This digger is clearing more and more soil and debris away. 
A new stile to replace the old one, which had been reduced to just a plank at the bottom. 
How rural we are on the edge of Bath!
We are now shooting off to Nailsea to meet up with Symi chums - meeting some for the first time in the flesh, as opposed to on Facebook.

This day a year ago, Su went to yoga and coffee afterwards in the local farm shop. Met this goat in the car park.

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