Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Down into Town

The mist descended last night as I noticed when I encouraged Bella into the garden at the end of the evening. I was fascinated by the way in which the water droplets moved through the beam of the super bright torch my brother gave me for my birthday. There was no perceptible wind, but they were really shifting!
Shining the torch horizontally produced a different effect ( I am really testing the abilities of my iPhone camera here!)
This morning, the mist had not cleared, and the colour of the day was a definite grey.
After breakfast, we took off into town, Su spotting this cobweb on the way.
Yet again, the word "skip" - this time as a reason, for the (public) House of The Rising Sun.
Down on the London Road, the redevelopment of this site is coming on. Su confessed a desire to have a go on a pile-driving machine - I must admit I wouldn't mind a go myself!
Down Walcot Street, yet another entrant for the gallery of abandoned gloves.
We were down in town to see "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel" at the Little Theatre. As it was a Silver Screen showing (i.e. over 50s) showing, it was pretty full (it's in its third week of showing). Peter Bradshaw, reviewing it the Guardian, wasn't much impressed by it but we found it an enjoyable couple of hours.  A good cast, and some good lines - a feelgood film for the Saga generation (who are apparently a growing demographic in film-goers). This more colourful film poster is not the one used in the U.K..
After that, we decided to treat ourselves to a lunch at Yum Yum Thai.  The mist still had not lifted and it was cold, so a bowl of green Thai curry and some green tea went down very nicely. A gentle spot of shopping, and we caught the bus back up the hill.  Su took Bella out and I did some work in front of the computer - this is the screen/glasses cleaning cloth Su gave me a while ago.
This day a year ago, Su was fantasising about winning the Lottery and buying this house with unobstructed views over Charlcombe Valley to Solsbury Hill.

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  1. The "spot of shopping" was a visit to a small gallery that also sells handmade jewellery.....Marcus bought me some lovely earings as a wedding anniversary present.