Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Time to Catch Up

Blogger is still playing up, but I have figured out a work round by using Picasa.  I will figure out what's going on eventually, but today we have pictures! From yesterday's trip to Nailsea - on Bob & Vicky's downstairs toilet is a sign saying "Beware of the Crocodile" and inside it is…
Followed this trailer for quite a few miles on the way home.
It was a lovely bright day.
After another epic sleep later, I felt up to taking Bella out - pity that the weather this morning was so damp and miserable - warm though.
Two lorries and a tall gantry pouring the concrete on these nearly completed houses today.  I thought that concrete got poured before the windows went in...
 Not quite a host of gloden daffodils, but getting that way.
The weather gradually improved during the day, with some lapses back into rain.  The sun caught our wicker chair in the front room during one of the sunny interludes
By mid afternoon, the rain had gone and the sky was blue and I was down the bottom of our back garden enjoying the sun.
The leaves are unfurling on our sambuca, still glistening.
As we haven't had one on here for a while, this view seemed like an ideal opportunity for a panoramic composition.
Fingers crossed, I think I am finally getting better. Tomorrow's blog will tell! Here is the view of Tintern Abbey that I had planned to show in yesterday's blog before being thwarted by Blogger's not playing ball.
This day a year ago, Su was out in Victoria Park wondering what had happened to all the ducks.

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