Saturday, 31 March 2012

Laid Back Day and Record Blog Month

A long lie-in this morning followed by a leisurely breakfast and read of the paper. Eventually got our act together to go out and do some shopping.  Decided to go to the Co-op at Saltford/Keynsham, stopping opposite this gateway at some roadworks on the way. More tyre patterns in the earth, and a great gatepost.
The joys of shopping beckoned!
Very co-operative shopping trolleys…
Even though the blue skies have gone for the moment, there is still lots of blossom out.
Went for a coffee and a bite to eat at Whiteways Garden Centre, passing through the aquatic section on the way. The fish weren't very co-operative at posing for the camera!
A cornucopia of garden ornamentation.
Who could resist having one of these characters to adorn their garden :-)?
Took Bella for a later walk than usual under threatening skies - some spatters of rain before we left, but luckily no more while we were out. Yet more blossom.
And on the way back home, some more blossom peeking over a tall garden fence.
Many thanks to all our readers. This month's blog has again seen a record number of pageviews. At the time of writing this post, we have seen a 49% increase on last month's number  of 1,697 - itself an all-time record! Any feedback from our readers as to what brought you here would be much appreciated - please leave a Comment on this post.
This day last year, Su went to yoga and then walked Bella on the racecourse. While there, she took a picture of the metal plaque at Prospect Stile ( a much better one than mine from yesterday). A cyclic return almost to the day!

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