Sunday, 1 April 2012

Pinch and a Punch…

… for the first of the month! Sunshine came back today, although quite a lot cooler than last week. Clear blue skies walking Bella up the hill.
Sunlight reflecting off a drain cover.
Sunlight reflecting off a roof.
Sunlight reflecting off a bollard.
 Sunlight reflecting off a handrail.
After breakfast, it was off in to town to the Little Theatre to see a free preview screening of the film of Jo Nesbo's "Headhunters". This was a funny, even if ultra-violent at times, film about an amoral character. Pacy, entertaining and well worth seeing.
Emerged blinking into the sunshine, and went to buy a lunchtime pasty (not sure if the VAT was charged on them yet). Saw this waving queen in a souvenir shop opposite the Roman Baths.
Lots of tourists in Abbey Square.
Walked back past the new Spa, which we must actually go to before long (we are entitled a discount as Bath council tax payers).
Talking of Spas, a new borehole for a hotel development. Great to build a city on top of an old volcano!
Heard some enticing sounds so wandered down to the shops and saw this great trio (called, I think, "Equaliser"). The guy on the saxophone used a loopstation for beatboxing, and multi-tracking the sax and another wind instrument, the female singer had a great voice, and the rapper was good too. Great sunshine music.
Came home for a coffee while finishing the paper sitting at the bottom of the garden.  This bee decided that it really liked the Observer Review and decided to read a bit.
Then it was time for a walk up to Primrose Woods - the trees are flowering and bursting into leaf.
Violets coming out - very early.
The fence looks great with the hawthorn coming into bloom.
Ground is very dry up there.
More hawthorn.
Two teddy bears and a padlock left hanging on the gate.
Then it was home for pancakes and bacon with maple syrup - too nice to stop eating and take a photo of-:-)!

This day a year ago, was my last ever lecture at UWE (if not my last ever lecture for UWE - back to Hong Kong in a couple of weeks). It was to my final year Multimedia Systems students, who gave me permission to take this panoramic photo (hence some pretty fuzzy individuals!) and post it on the blog
The final total of last month's pageviews (which doesn't take into account people reading via RSS and email) was 2551 - a massive 50.2% increase on February's previous record figure.  Thanks again - let's see what April brings...

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