Saturday, 14 April 2012

Back in Hong Kong

Waiting to board the plane in Amsterdam last night, I was struck by the sun setting through the windows of the passageway to the plane at the next gate.
Some great vehicles - great Tonka toy fantasies!
This was our plane, the City of Seoul but flying to Hong Kong…
Combination of sunset and airport lights illuminated this plane.
 A ten hour flight later, we emerged over Hong Kong.
30ยบ C and humid. Apparently it was sunny yesterday, but pretty cloudy today. Hope tomorrow is sunny, as it is my only day to do sightseeing apart from the evenings after teaching.
The view from the front of the driverless train from the landing point to immigration and baggage check (got through passport control and walked up to the baggage carousel straight to my bag as it came round!)
In the taxi on the way to the hotel, interesting name of an advertised shopping experience!
You don't see buses with "sincerity • eternity" on the back of them in the U.K.!
Got a room on the same side of the hotel as last time - one floor up and one along, so the view is pretty similar. Cloudy again too!
After some Facebook time with Su, and sorting out stuff, looked up to see the sun behind this skyscraper. Hope it bodes well for tomorrow.
This day a year ago, we were installed on Symi and staying in the Little Blue House.

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