Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Drought? What Drought?

Continuing on the theme of MoTs, today I was at the doctor's talking about my migraine attacks. The decision was basically to see how it goes for the next month or so - my blood pressure's good so that's a bonus. These outward-opening doors to the surgery cause them no end of trouble, as the notices attest.
Dropped Su and her friend Carol off at the station this morning for their trip to Kew. They decided to go for it, even though the rain was falling determinedly. Have had a text since that they have been diverted round the south of London because of trees on the line (wrong type of trees?:-)!), and look forward to hearing their saga when I pick them up later this evening. By late morning, I thought that the rain had stopped.
Even saw some blue skies and sunshine!
That was as good as it got. For the rest of the day, every time I thought about going out with Bella, it started raining again.  In the end, we bit the bullet and went out in a dryish interlude. Our tulips at the front of the house are hanging on in there, but not for much longer...
Passed this splash of colour on the walk.
This plaque has been freshly painted - maybe the new owners of the house really mean it!
Passed these balloons outside our former neighbours' new house. Realised that it is Aisla's fifth birthday today.
Came home and managed to photograph a couple of raindrops in our pond.
The mespil flowers have not been able to cling on to the tree in all this wind and rain!
Water companies in many parts of the U.K. have been saying  for the last few weeks that Britain is set for a drought. So, of course the rain is now forecast for days and days, although it is apparently the wrong type of rain. Only we British can have the "wrong type of snow", the "wrong type of rain" and the "wrong type of leaves", it seems!

This day a year ago, we were recovering from a very late night and took our time ambling about the Horio, stopping first at the "Olive Tree" then strolling about before an evening meal with the B-Ps at "Syllogos".
Panoramic view from the top of the village.

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