Saturday, 28 April 2012

Screens, Sleep and Holiday Planning

Last night we went out for a delicious (as always) supper at Yum Yum Thai and then on to the Little Theatre to see "Once Upon A Time In Anatolia", a Turkish film which has been gathering five star reviews. Because the Little now generally only show non-English language films for one showing on a Tuesday night, we'd missed it when it was first on so we were glad to have a second opportunity to catch it. To my mind it was a film of two parts:- I found the first two hours beautifully filmed with absolutely great sound, well scripted and altogether engaging. The last 45 minutes saw me struggling to stay awake and maintain interest. Does this make me 1/3 Philistine?:-) Overall worth seeing, but not five stars.
Stayed up later than we normally do, and so today was a slower start. Weather not good for photographic opportunities, but I was moved to wonder if Torchwood is an anagram of "Doctor Who", what is Stonewood an anagram of - "woo stoned"?
Engaged in our regular Saturday treat of breakfast at the Secret Garden Cafe over the Guardian before coming home to light the stove - and it's nearly May! I struggled with my DIY abilities and managed to put up a curtain pole in our bedroom - this should help us to avoid waking with the ever-earlier dawn light.
Su took Bella out for a walk, and rang me from the other side of the valley to check if I could see her waving at me.  Established that I could from the bathroom window, which she could see me opening and shutting. Oh what fun we have! I thought I'd go and have a look at our back garden while the rain held off. Our clematis on one fence is gradually coming out. 
Our lilac is nearly flowering
 I can never remember the name of these pretty flower spikes - again my horticultural consultant will probably help me out.
This  little acer is coming into leaf again.
This one is in a waterlogged pot, but seems quite happy.  After the really dry and warm March we had, it might be glad of the moisture.
On our bottom fence , a mass of clematis buds are just waiting to erupt.
This creeper is weaving its way along the fence.
After my garden inspection, I caught up with the hour and a half of "The Bridge" that I fell asleep over last week.  Watching it without sleep deprivation or jet lag was very different - gripping stuff, and I am looking forward to tonight's two instalments. 

Su and I have just had a very happy session planning some of our Grecian Odyssey. We fly into Athens next Wednesday, and then onto Lesbos the next day. We've decided how we will spend our time and which parts of the island we will concentrate on for our 10 days there, before we move on to Rhodes and Symi (and possibly other islands too...).  

Got this great map of the island from the brilliant Map Shop in Upton on Severn. Ordered it by phone after 5 pm on Thursday, and it was here before noon yesterday.  Now Su* is in her element looking at hotels and other accommodation. 
* AKA Su's Tours!
This day a year ago, we were on Rhodes. We had decided to spend a few days there, rather than just using it as a stepping stone to Symi. For our first day, we were tourists in the old town, found a great taverna and really enjoyed ourselves looking at monuments like the castle.
Regular readers may have noticed the appearance today of a logo in the bottom left-hand side of most of the photographs here. This is a Creative Commons Licence - this one means that you are welcome to use these photographs (maximum size 640 pixels in either dimension), as long you attribute them to Marcus Lynch or this blog, do not use them for commercial purposes, and do not alter them in any way. The original images are all bigger than this, and I will announce plans for those in a later blog - some time after we are back from Greece!

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