Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Something New Every Day

Went for a stroll last night - passed close by this psychedelically lit hotel.
Spotted in a doorway. Ok I won't go everywhere. How about just here? :-)
Spotted in the entrance to one of the ubiquitous shopping plazas/malls/arcades - a stand of plastic bags. Dome dissonance here?
Just as I was about to go off to teach this morning, I had the ' "jaggies", signalling the start of a migraine. Took a tablet to stop it, and managed to see the computer screen enough to send a message postponing the start of the class. Closed the curtains and sat for half an hour till it went, and then caught the train up to the college.  The advertising screen in the carriage showed this scenes from an old film - the costumes took me back to Fu Manchu films from my childhood…
More adornment of station concrete with pretty designs and colour - this at Mong Kok.
This at Kowloon Tong.
Coming out of Fo Tan station, my eye was drawn by the curve of this bridge along by the water. 
My working environment for the week - curtains stay closed for privacy, but it is air-conditioned.
I don't know if this says "No, No" or "On, On" - either way it was gnomic enough to merit a photograph.
I think that this is some Hong Kong tagging, but I could be wrong…
The tower blocks towering looming over the path back to the train station. 
This is a Braille map of the train station and its exits "designed for the exclusive use of the blind" as the legend underneath states. It also plays some music when you stand near it.
A lot of signage to take in at the top of the escalators out of Hung Hom station - some of these icons took me a little while to decode.
Seeing as I had only had a few raindrops fall on me all day, I though I had better go and get wet in the Hotel swimming pool. No option but to have a shower when you go in! It was a little breezy and cool, so I did not linger overlong. It did help to clear the last of my post-migraine spaciness.
The rush hour queue for the tunnel across to Hong Kong island
This day a year ago, we went on the first-ever photo-walk run by Neil Gosling on Symi.  Had a great time, and found it very interesting and useful. This was one of Su's excellent photographs (lots of which got stuck on her camera card, nail-bitingly to be rescued after the holiday).

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