Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Rain and Cold with Maple Syrup!

A mixed bag of a day - all against the backdrop of cloudy skies and colder temperatures than we have been used to of late. After a bit of shopping, I was at the RUH for a routine check-up. Admired some of the art exhibited on the corridor walls.
Picked up Su afterwards, and we went off to Dick Willow's for a very tasty lunch - especially notable for these delicious sweet potato chips with maple syrup.
Looked around the emporium upstairs - great display of garden tools.
An old cash register - takes me back to my childhood days.
Every home should have an owl perched on high to watch over things.
Outside, true to their name, were piles of willow branches ready for weaving. Lovely colours on a grey day.
I have rediscovered my pancake making mojo. Batter mixed and ready to rest in the fridge for a few hours before producing pancakes - to have with bacon and maple syrup (again). It has been a maple syrup themed day - Alex (our Canadian visitor from last May) posted on Facebook about tapping maple syrup from their tree - lucky devils!
Finally bit the bullet and went out with Bella into the cold and windy afternoon.  It was just drizzling as we left and stopped to appreciate our emerging tulips.
The things you see on our street! Probably reserving the space for a skip (lots of home improvement work going on around here).  This arrangement reminded me of a cox in a rowing boat.
One of our neighbour's inquisitive chickens came to check us out as we walked past their back gate.
Another neighbour is in the process of turning their crop of stone (it grows everywhere in Bath) into a garden feature. Lots more to do though...
What else would you expect to find in the middle of the road but a piece of squashed rhubarb?
The first eggshell of the year -  a casualty of the wind maybe?
The buckthorn is popping out all over the hillsides.
A glimmer of sun before the clouds came back over, and the rain came down in earnest.
More bluebells on display.
Whitebells and grape hyacinths.
Made it back damper than I would have liked. Bella was happy to eat her tea after a bit of towelling dry while I enjoyed a cup of decaff coffee.
This day a year ago, we went down to one of Bath's two independent bookshops, Toppings, to hear Dan Pearson (garden writer) talk about his new book. Great place to browse.

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