Friday, 13 April 2012

The Long Trek East

Another early start to the day - up to see the sun furthest round the back of the house that I have caught it this year. Liked the reflection in our kitchen window.
The skies were clear and there was mist in the valley.
I saw a council van with "Highways Inspector" painted on the side coming out of our road yesterday. This may be their handiwork.
A neighbour's blossom has come out overnight it seems.
Great clouds at the top of the hill.
Got myself packed - and remembered everything but some Earl Grey Rooibos teabags, so not disastrous - unlike the time I left my passport on the photocopier (still managed to get on the flight amazingly!). Su drove me to Bristol airport, where I was able to enjoy the luxury of the Business Class lounge there....
A different view on the concourse.
Then it was onto the flight to Amsterdam - Love the Dutch welcome on the sick bag:-)!
Up through the clouds - this was our shadow.
Up, up and away!
Coming up to the coast of Holland.
Some interesting water formations and less-than- manicured landscape.
Loved these geometric strips of colour - guess this is flowers growing.  Apparently this year is the 10-yearly Floriade. We will miss it this year because of our Greek travel plans, so will have to plan for 2022!
More Monrian-like fields.
And a final, really bright collection of stripes.
I had planned to leave the airport and meet up with Duncan McKean, rogue designer/ self-described industrial shaman for a few hours. Frustrated in this because I had checked my case all the way through to Hong Kong, and am not allowed to leave the airport (guess it's because I may be a t*rr*r*st?). Bit of a shame - next time I do this trip, I shall not make that mistake again! Schiphol airport certainly gives you the opportunity of lots of walking, and lots to see…
Liked the logo inside…
And, here's Mammon!
Made my way to the KLM lounge - a very calm and quiet space (apart from the business people broadcasting their important phone conversations with clients who have just started up). Power points, so I can get the laptop charged up, and my phone ready for a 10 hour flight from here to Hong Kong that leaves in a few hours. Have spent happy time chatting to Su on Facebook, sorting through the many photographs I took on the way here, and composing this blog post. This is the view from my armchair - it's a hard life!
This day a year ago, we woke up on Rhodes and caught the boat to Symi for our Easter sojourn there. More memories of that stay over the next couple of weeks.
The next blog post will be from Hong Kong!


  1. That road defect looks like an abstract cat. Glad to hear that you're going to "leave sin a few hours" - it's surprising what a difference a space can make! Happy travelling...

  2. Sorry for the typo - will correct it in a minute!