Saturday, 21 April 2012

What Time Zone am I in?

Got a taxi to Hong Kong airport last night in the middle of a very heavy rain storm and traffic jam. Eventually got clear of the traffic and got to the bridge across to Lantau.
The rain was lashing down as we passed this bus.
Hong Kong airport offered an even more amazing array of icons to decode on the escalators than the MTR!
After going to the far end of the airport on the internal shuttle train, I then had to walk all the way back to where I had started because of a gate change. There are no trains back for departing passengers - the only trains in that direction are for arriving passengers and on a different level… This was the view when I finally got into my seat on the Air France Boeing.
Not much to take pictures of until I looked out and saw the beginnings of the dawn as we approached Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris.
The final message on the little TV sets as we landed.
Caught a shuttle train for my connecting flight to Bristol. Immediately struck by the difference in the French icons to the Hong Kong ones - really quite louche in comparison!
 Great internal wooden cladding for the departures building
The outside of the departures building when we eventually got going to our plane.
Another curvaceous building
And another, this one looking a bit more neo-brutalist in design.
Our bus driver overshot and had to turn round to drop us off at our plane.  It wasn't very big…
Was really impressed by the way that my iPhone caught the blades of the propellor in flight. To the naked eye, it was just a blur.
Getting near Bristol airport, we flew over Chew Valley Lake.
 Shadow of the propellor at rest.
You know you're in Bristol when there are trendy street-art inspired graphics to greet you at the airport…
Su met me at the airport, and after big hugs we took off to Clutton woods with Bella to see if the bluebells were out yet. They weren't but saw this pair of lightning-split trees still standing, like a doorframe.
This day a year ago, we went down to Pedi Beach and explored a side of the bay we had not wandered along before. Then went and met Richard, Barbara and the rest of their party off the boat.
I am writing this at what is 2.30 a.m. tomorrow Hong Kong time, and have not slept since 3 a.m. this morning U.K. time.  So I am not quite sure where/when I am at the moment! Will try to watch the first parts of the new Scandinavian crime drama, "The Bridge" tonight but may not manage to stay awake for two hours of subtitled Swedish and Danish… Very glad to be home, and ready to start finalising plans for the next trip away in 10 days time!

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