Monday, 16 April 2012

Hot and Humid

Looked at the weather forecast on the Internet before I pulled the curtains, so wasn't too surprised to  be greeted by cloudy skies again.
This was the view looking eastwards from the window at the end of my corridor - nice to see a hint of sun there.

As the weather person on BBC World News took great delight in telling us this morning, it looks as if the rain is going to be centred over Hong Kong for the rest of the week. On the train up to Fo Tan this morning, I had a whole compartment to myself for two stops. The carriages are also air-conditioned, which is welcome in the muggy conditions.
After a morning session on Cybercrime and Information Warfare (Oh, what jolly fun we had:-)!), for lunch the students took me up to the local shopping centre.
We went to a noodle bar (the "Golden Traditional Noodle") which was very popular with school and college students, so we had to queue for a table.
Lots of variety on offer. I stayed off the spicy alternatives some of my students were trying, and had a very tasty bowl of noodles with pork, crab sticks, fish balls and bean curd.
After that, the afternoon whizzed by as I talked about Information Technology and Democracy. Given Hong Kong's Special Administrative Status as part of China, and their sometimes tenuous relationship with democracy it wasn't a particularly long session! Came back to the hotel a bit earlier than anticipated to the end of the line at Hung Hom Station.
The train and the elevator up to the overpass out of the station.
Saw this chap belting away on a wooden xylophone while people hurried by to catch their trains. Maybe my ears aren't culturally attuned, but it seemed a bit random to me…
The storm has just broken! Thunder, lightning and rain.  Maybe this will drop the humidity - it has been 29ºC and 80%+ humidity, so quite hard work. My students were complaining about it being hot too!:-). So much for the swim I was thinking of having, and maybe I'll eat in the hotel tonight, unless it eases off. The joys of working abroad!
This day a year ago, we went for a walk up by the Mousecastle on Symi, and Su took this great photograph of the Proteus in Yialos harbour - as it is once more, having been out of action for the winter.


  1. Your train photo reminded me of a dragon coming out of a tunnel - rather appropriate.

    1. Well, I am a dragon i chinese astrology ( a water dragon - apparently the most benign of the lot of the arrogant bunch:-)!)