Thursday, 19 April 2012

Weather and Signs

Woke up to another lovely Hong Kong day.... The top of the skyscraper opposite was in the clouds, and I could barely see Hong Kong island. It wasn't actually raining then.
From the moving train to Fo Tan took this photo of the screens that they have between houses and the railway line.
I presume that this is a contraction of Innovation Centre, or maybe it is something legal? :-)
Lots of signs noticed today. Causing a nuisance!
Shades of London Underground - I like the accentuated gap.
Maybe we should put these signs up in the U.K.?
Went with the students for lunch to the Japanese place we went to in February. 
I plumped for this meat hot pot and rice - very tasty.
After lunch, the skies had opened and it tipped it down with full on thunder and lightning effects. I had my rather ineffective waterproof, but one of the students kindly shared his umbrella with me. Back at the college, I was impressed by this reverse of an advertising poster. What every educational institution needs is some martial arts exponents at double life size to advertise their excellent learning provision!:-)
A panoramic view from the college - a mountain range of flats. Their profile mirrors the hills behind them with the clouds on.
After a day of Network Economics and related jollity, time to head back to the hotel during a bit of a lull in the downpour. Stopped only to take more pictures of signs. This quiet carriage has advertising screens with the sound turned down, but really LOUD station announcements:-)!
Another sign at the bottom of the escalator - nice crocs.
This day a year ago, after our photo walk the day before we were inspired to wander all over the Horio. We took photos of many things (I took a nice one of flaking paint...), including this rather narrow alleyway with integral fig tree.

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