Friday, 6 April 2012

Spring is Springing

Last night, we saw "The Woman In The Fifth" with Ethan Hawke and Kristin Scott Thomas. Still not sure what to make of it - was it a thriller, a portrayal of a man in mental distress, a ghost story, or all three? It held our attention, but ... After we came home, we took Bella for an evening stroll - I was taken by this well lit bath (but probably a bit too cold and public for most people's tastes!).
The stroll seemed to help Bella stay settled till a more civilised time this morning.  A lovely bright start to the day drew me out into our back garden to chronicle the changes unfolding there. These tulips have bravely kept coming up each year - this is their best yet.
Our snowy mespil will soon flower - a treat to be shared here when it happens.
After six years of producing nothing but leaf, the lilac that we brought with us when we moved here is producing flowers at last!
Even after the petals have gone, our winter flowering cheryy is still beautiful.
Catkins and leaves popping on our willow.
The clematis on our fence with next door is swelling up with buds, which should pop very soon too.
The sun coming through the glass above our front door produced interesting projections.
As the clouds started to claim the sky, I decided to take Bella on an earlier than usual walk.  Found another exhibit for my discarded items of clothing series...
Another fresh leaf.
Somehow, in all the leaf litter in the middle of the woods, Bella found an old golf ball for me to kick around for her.
The lichen on the top of this dry stone wall made me think of snowy mountain peaks.
The skies were completely clouded over by the time we got to the edge of Tog Hill, looking out over towards Bristol
Lots and lots of thorn in flower.
The walk I was on is part of the Cotswold Way. It being Easter weekend, I saw quite a few intrepid walkers with backpacks and maps (and one macho chap in shorts).
Came home and tackled more of the marking of Hong Kong students' assignments - need to get sorted as I will be flying back out there in a week's time!

Most notable event of the last 24 hours is the inaugural post of Su's blog - All About Me!. She says that she probably won't post every day, but we shall see (there's always plenty to tell:-)!).

This day a year ago, Su was up early with Bella and took this lovely photograph of the dawn.

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