Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Full Day

Last night's sunset…
This morning, walked Bella a different way to usual. Su spotted this "not borage" ( to be identified…)
Fiendish looking anti theft ironware on top of a wall.
The first dandelion clock of the year with many more on the way.
A nice piece of guerrilla vegetable gardening going on - site not identified, so the council leave it alone!
The last of the year's grape hyacinths.
Went out for a coffee and saw this jingoistic display being prepared - is this Jubilee fever kicking in nearly two months early? Person working in the shop rather testily asked me if I was taking photographs, but seemed mollified when I told her it was just of this.
Also saw this cake reduced to clear - with green icing, I am not surprised. Not tempted at all.
Worked at Hong Kong preparation on and off for the rest of the day. Have now got all the lectures, tutorials and supporting materials sorted. Just a little bit of tidying up to finish off - just as well seeing as I start teaching again on Monday (at 2 a.m. UK time). Took Bella out for her afternoon walk just as the skies really darkened - and I didn't have a coat…
Passed this sign on the outside of a high wall with a perenially locked gate…
Did have a little bit of rain fall on me - luckily not enough to get drenched. Saw it falling on the other side of the valley - thankfully the wind was blowing away from me.
Hare and hounds marker?
On a garden fence, this half eroded piece of radical graffiti, "Democracy is the freedom to choose your own dictator".
A bower in the making.
Bella had, of course somehow found a ball which I threw and kicked for her around the walk.
At home, the mespil has flowered and the petals have thus far survived the wind - they are very delicate, so may not be there for long.
At the front of the house, the clematis flowers are just starting to think about opening.
A late blog posting today because we went to see "Le Havre" at the Little Theatre. A quirky but really enjoyable modern fable about people being decent rather than nasty. Working class French portrayal, and nobody watching TV or using mobile phones in the whole film. Well worth catching if it comes your way.
This day a year ago, we were excited to be on the eve of a three-week trip to Symi. Went for a walk and managed to get some photos of St Stephens Church lit up - it is either purple, red or green at night, and most impressive.

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  1. Green icing? We once did a Dennis the Menace birthday cake. Needed lots of BLACK icing. Tasted better than it looked!