Friday, 20 April 2012

More signs

This is a great steam-bent, semi-circular laminated seat in the lobby of my hotel, where I waited to meet Sue Timmis for dinner last night. She is married to a UWE colleague, and is out in Hong Kong from Bristol University doing some teaching. Small world! We went out for a delicious Vietnamese meal at a restaurant called "rice paper" in Harbour City, a mega shopping mall complex. For Bristol readers, it is like 10 Cribbs Causeways in one…
My last morning in Hong Kong started off quite a bit brighter, but it was not to last!  Soon the thunder rumbled and the rain came down in sheets for hours.
Not great weather for photographs, but Hong Kong presents lots of other opportunities - today more signs fell under my iPhone's lens.
They really went to town on the bottom of this escalator - two dimensions with prohibitions!
Snapped from the train  - one of the many complexes of tower blocks on the route up to Fo Tan.
Looked out of a college window mid morning, and it was wet, wet, wet - tree bark glistening with the rain
After a morning talking about Technology Convergence and Cyborgs (well, I enjoyed it!), went out for a delicious dim sum lunch with several academics from the Institute for Vocational Education (IVE). Talked about course organisation and possibilities for future collaborations with UWE. Time will tell… Then an afternoon of talking about the examination for the course and revision strategies finished off my teaching for the week.  On the way out of the college, was struck by this bilingual sign (instructions in Chinese, title in English…)
Also, having talked a lot about surveillance during my teaching in February noticed these signs around the college for the first time!
Walking back to the MTR, this made me think of another retired UWE colleague, who is involved with a community mapping project.  I have never seen a slope given a registration number before!
You don't see signs like this in the U.K either!
The MTR seems to have a sign for every occasion. This one seems very solicitous.
On the station platforms are markings showing where the doors for the numbered carriage will open. They are so consistent and line up precisely that you can choose exactly which door to exit from closest to an escalator
Yet another MTR sign
 and another…
This day a year ago, Su wrote about the house we were staying in on Symi - the Little Blue House (it qualified on all three counts:-)!). It was in a really quiet spot with great views across the Pedi Valley, where we planned to go later on that day.
I am writing this, sitting in my Hong Kong hotel lounge getting ready to go to the airport and start the journey home. I fly to Paris, where I arrive at 5.45 a.m., wait for about 4 hours then land in Bristol at about 11 a.m U.K. time. As to what my body and brain will believe the time is will remain to be determined! All will be revealed tomorrow…

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