Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Little Blue House

Neither of us have talked about our temporary home which must now be redressed as it was chosen with care and has not disappointed. It sits quietly amongst other small houses on a pathway with virtually no traffic. And by that I mean pedestrians, as only a scooter would dare navigate it's undulations. It is, therefore, blissfully quiet...apart from the church bells which are ringing more often for Big Week, the week before Easter. It is a very special time for all Greeks and is celebrated with great gusto.

But back to our little house. The walls are about 3 ft.thick. The upstairs room has a beautiful carved wood moussandra (screen and sleeping platform) and a carved ceiling. There are two ways of entering the house involving 4 locked doors. There are 5 windows on the first floor (3 at the front and 2 at the back), all with shutters, and 3 windows on the ground floor, again with shutters. There are 4 staircases, 2 outside and 2 indoors. For a property measuring approximately 18 ft x 16 ft, including a small kitchen, a domed cave-like bathroom and private courtyard, it has an amazing amount of orifices all of which admit air - cold or warm! Mustn't forget the roof terrace....small but offers lovely views.

Unlike yesterday, which was cold, wet and windy, today is warm, sunny with hardly a breeze. We've just had breakfast in The Olive Tree (homemade muffins with homemade lemon curd) and plan to explore bit of Pedi we missed last time.........and later meet and greet friends off ferry.....

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