Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Proper April Weather

Woke to beautiful clear skies, quickly replaced by cloudy skies and rain. By the time I took Bella out, it was back to sunny, but rained at least another couple of times later in the morning…
Walking on the other side of the street to usual, saw this tranquil Buddha amongst the planting.
Car parked in front of the gate with the notice " Please Do Not Park In Front Of This Gate". I know that the owners of this car have a garage…
This is a former public toilet, for which the purchaser is now seeking change of use permission to turn it into a piano practice room. Apparently the initial request was to turn it into a recording studio - maybe not so crazy given that "Bog Island" in town is now a nightclub!
We are starting to get more specific about our plans for Grecian Odyssey this May - we know we get to Lesbos on 3rd May, and are aiming to be on Symi by 16th May. It would help if ferry companies and airlines published timetables even a month ahead!
We went for a walk in Primrose Woods - past the private school up there, of which this is one of the houses.
Fundraising target tree with all the information weathered away.
Dandelions are putting in their bid for world domination now!
The pond is full after the rain yesterday - expect that planting will happen in and around it now.
Lots of clearing been done - great habitat for insects and small mammals
They often have quizzes and treasure hunts in the woods, generally as fundraisers for the campaign to buy them from the landowner.
Lovely birch trees against the blue sky.
Sat on a bench and threw a ball for Bella (she had of course found it somehow!). Enjoyed the afternoon sun.
Massing clouds on the horizon as we left.
This day a year ago, Su was again up early taking more lovely photographs of the early morning sunrise and mists. Picked up our blog-shy house-sitters who were staying to after the house and Bella while we were off to Greece in two days' time. Luckily, they are available do the same for us this year when we take off there again in three weeks' time.

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  1. Glad to see Marcus didn't mention waking up to me snoring in his ear!!