Saturday, 7 April 2012

Taking Things Apart

Great sunset last night.  Took lots of photographs - decided that this panoramic composite best represented its majesty.
Out with Bella this morning (a lot warmer than the last few days if still overcast) saw this jolly display of tulips.
This is the path between Perfect View and Summerfield Road. It is as steep as it looks, so a lot easier going down than up!
A new sign has appeared at the bottom of Perfect View - a big fine!
Our tulips have now unfurled.
Our hornbeam tree (in a large pot still) has a fresh new set of leaves.
Today we decided what to do about the deck that we inherited with the house. It butts right up to the house, parts of it are starting to decompose, and it is not the most aesthetically pleasing of structures. So, it is time for it to go. Step one was to clear the deck(s!).
Step two was to start to take it apart. This was the moment when the skies decided that rain would be a nice accompaniment for the activity. Su wisely went indoors while I wrestled with old screws to remove phase one - the front cladding.
It may not look much different, but we will have to remove the rest all in one go, unless we want to clamber up and down step ladders (not sure how Bella would manage that!). Our original stone steps are underneath the framework, so once it is all removed, we will be able to get down from the house.
The clematis buds on our fence with next door are getting closer to bursting into flower.
This day a year ago, I was up early to give Bella a stroll before going into UWE. Heard my last ever soundscape presentations - what was one of the most enjoyable parts of my teaching.

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