Monday, 23 April 2012

Flowers In The Rain

First thing this morning, it was off to the S. Gloucestershire Vehicle Testing Unit in Yateto put the van through its MoT test (it is tucked at the back in the corner). Sat in the waiting room like an anxious parent at the doctor's until the tester told me it had passed. We are legal for another year!
Came home and decided to celebrate with an early lunch over in Widcombe.  The weather made for poor photographic opportunities, but thought this steeple looked good as we zoomed past.
At Prior Park Garden Centre, the blossom livened up a grey day.
Su pointed out that this wisteria is flowering really early in the year.
After a spot of shopping, came home and waited as long as possible until I had to take Bella out into the rain. The wettest drought in history indeed!
Clearing continues apace at the formerly overgrown house on Charlcombe Way.
The woods that surround Charlcombe Manor.
Bluebells starting to come out on the edge of the wood.
The formerly baked and cracked earth is now properly soggy and squidgy.
A dandelion that has already shed its seeds standing proud.
Not the best environment for playing football, especially as the grass is now sprouting and moles have been digging up the pitch as well.
A geranium? Or is it a periwinkle?  My gardening consultant will tell me, no doubt.:-)
More floral remains.
Bindweed resurgent already!
This day a year ago, we tried to find our way up out of the Horio across the hills. Unsuccessful we came back down the hill and ended up having dinner at the Trata with Richard, Barbara et al as the Easter procession wound its way through the streets of Yialos.  Dynamite sticks in the harbour and fertiliser bombs going off ahead of Easter Sunday's celebrations.
Tomorrow it is the turn of my teeth to have their "MoT" - time for their six-monthly check-up. I think that we are forecast a break in the rain, but we shall see…

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