Thursday, 5 April 2012

Home Sweet Home…

The overcast, cold and windy weather continues. Out with Bella this morning, the greyness was alleviated by these lurid tulips.
Half of this street has been dug up and resurfaced, and these barriers wait to be removed. The two unmoving cars are still in position…
The pub down the road has a lovely display of rosemary flowers.
Major news of the day is that we finally own our own house, having bought out the mortgage company's share! A modest little pile :-)
I had intended to work on Hong Kong preparation and marking, but couldn't settle. Went to the shops instead, and then a celebration lunch with Su. Managed to resist the Battenburg cake.
Even the ice cream didn't tempt us - maybe the ambient temperature had something to do with this.
Our mini-film festival stalled on Tuesday.We resume tonight by going to see our third film in five days - "The Woman In The Fifth" at the Little Theatre. Review to come tomorrow.
This day a year ago, Su walked down into town, and appreciated one advantage of walking - spotting the unexpected....
We also found out from the vet that Bella was a couple of years older than we had thought, which explained why she has arthritis in her back legs.  Happily, the pills she takes keep her happy and bouncing (a bit like me really!)

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