Tuesday, 24 April 2012

More Computing Devices in our House!

Crashed out really early last night - guess the time-zone adjustment will take a little longer than I thought... This meant that I was awake with first light at about 5.30 a.m. Meant I was in plenty of time for my check up at the dentist, but first I had to get across the London Road in rush hour.
I got there with plenty of time to spare - just as well I took my iPad to read some more of my current sci-fi novel.
On the way back, the skies had brightened up and showed Bath's architecture off to good effect.
Coming over the bridge back to the London Road. It has two neo-classical "gatehouses", at least one of which is inhabited. The traffic noise must be intense, particularly with the many heavy lorries that rumble past.
iPads are great for many things, but one thing they are not good for is reading in bright sunlight. As we are about to spend a month in Greece (hopefully with bright sunlight!), we have treated ourselves to technology that you can read in those conditions. Su had an early birthday present of a Kindle yesterday, and my late birthday present of a Kindle Touch arrived today. Time to buy some more books! I'll still take my iPad to Greece - to compose the blog, look at Facebook, check email, etc. etc.
Because I got caught up with setting up my new toy, it meant that Bella and I missed the afternoon rain by having a later walk than usual. The sun came out, and off we set past this overflowing skip.
Wonder if the concrete lorry is part of Concrete Utilities Ltd?:-)
Both of these roads are cul-de-sacs - the sign is delightfully ambiguous.
Great to see blue skies and scudding clouds after all the rain.
Further along Charlcombe Way, this mesh is waiting for the return of the concrete lorry!
Went to Charlcombe Church and passed this house sign on the way. This is the hillside from where frogs and toads migrate every year into the valley to mate.
Not clear quite what is being coned off here, apart from some suspicious looking hedgerow!
At the church garden.
I sat on a bench, while somebody played "Lord of the Dance" on the church organ and Bella happily chewed a succession of sticks. The sun was warm and it was a most pleasant interlude under the lichen covered apple tree.
This laurel has come into flower since I was last up there.
This day a year ago, on Easter Sunday we again explored around the top of the Horio. We got up quite high as this view over Pedi Bay shows. We were coming to the end of our time on Symi and not looking forward to leaving...
Tomorrow, Su and her friend are off to Kew Gardens for the day.  Here's hoping that they get weather like today's - mainly dry and warm in the sunshine.

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