Thursday, 12 April 2012

Early Start, Long Day…

Another early start to the day, with us both awake early. Maybe we  should put some dark curtains up in our bedroom!
You can tell it's bin day, when the streets get covered in rubbish. Annoyingly, we actually had the street cleaner on our road earlier this week for the first time in nearly a year.
The weeping willow is doing well despite its trim.
After early cloud, it brightened up a lot.
Spent the morning fiddling about with Hong Kong work, backing up disks and generally taking my time. After lunch, I suggested that we go up to Westonbirt - the black clouds didn't portend a dry time!
This chestnut looked grand.
This old tree reaches out to you.
 The big black clouds managed to pass us by, and the sun had some real warmth in it, unlike the air.
Jigsaw puzzle piece cross-section of this tree - maybe fodder for more chainsaw sculptures, if they still do that at Westonbirt.
Great show of blossom.
No, it's not our van  but its twin. Same year of registration, and a Trident Autosleeper with the same upholstery and curtains as ours!
The clouds and blue sky kept on drawing my eye.
This day a year ago, we were excited and at Gatwick airport staying in this rather strange hotel (we had a very early flight to Rhodes the next morning) and this hotel was right on the airport concourse.
I'm off to Hong Kong tomorrow for round two of teaching, leaving Su and Bella behind this time. At least this means I can't be accused of stealing photographs:-)! Blog posting tomorrow will be indeterminate, probably only from airports. Next full blog from HK…


  1. Have a fun time. We hope to see you n the Rock next month.

    1. We'll be there - travel providers allowing! Planning to fly from Chios to Rhodes on 15th, stay overnight in the PLaza and get on first ferry that we can the next day....

  2. My wife used to organise those chainsaw sculptures. Small world. Or something.