Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Thunder and Lightning

After I wrote the blog yesterday, the storm rumbled on for a few hours. Amazed at my luck in catching this (albeit grainy) shot of a lightning flash.
And even happier at this panoramic composition with two flashes of lightning, one pretty well defined. 
So after all that excitement, I managed to get across the road to the local eatery without getting wet. 
They bring you a glass of hot water for you to wash your chopsticks in (they come out of a draw on the side of the table along with napkins and spoons) - **not** to drink!:-) 
Had a tasty hot pot of garoupa (fish), tofu, mushrooms and beancurd with rice. Felt very virtuous.
Crashed out about 11 (having been awake since 4.30 am). Managed a good 7 hours straight sleep. so maybe my sleep pattern is getting sorted now just in time for me to go back and jangle it all up again! Woke this morning to a real murky start, and it didn't get much lighter for hours.
Borrowed an umbrella from the hotel to ward off the heavy rain that fell all morning. Pleasant temperature (20ÂșC and 97% humidity) - better than yesterday. Not a carriage all to myself this morning, but still pretty empty. I was taken with the patterning on these handles on the MTR the other day - the random-looking blue bits are slightly recessed giving a good gripping surface.
"Mind Your Head" - because of the stream of advertising, interspersed with fragments of "news" that comes out of these screens in the carriages. I've never come anywhere near hitting one…
… unlike these which I bumped into when I turned away from taking the picture above.
Didn't realise I was taking a self portrait here!
Rain on the windows reflecting the inside of the carriage (still quite empty). 
It was tipping it down outside as we approached Sha Tin.
The classroom had quite a collection of umbrellas.
Eventually the rain started to ease - enough for this inspiring view of the College's setting.
Off to lunch with the students at yet another eatery in Wilshire Plaza - today we went to "Gin Curry"
A palatable, and not very spicy, beef curry - apparently this is a "Japanese-style" curry.
A bit later in the afternoon, the weather cleared up enough for me to look out of the window at the immediate environment to the college - now I understand what I saw on Google Streeview!
It's nice to be appreciated!
Corporate branding in the lift!
On the way back to the MTR station, wondered what the purpose of these blocks is in the hillside?
Towering heights of municipally owned flats. More to be built in the New Territories.
A casualty of the weather, casually discarded. 
The train coming into Fo Tan station
At Hung Hom station, a tasteful way to disguise a concrete pillar.
This day a year ago, We were walking around the Horio on Symi finding ever more paths to get lost on. Finding our way down the Kalistrata, I was really happy with this photograph of a hidden wild garden

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