Friday, 9 March 2012

In the World Again

Enough talk of health issues!  Today, I have been out in the world a bit more than. This morning started with a walk with Bella, seeing the flowers come out on this shrub.
 Daffodils now getting into their full flush.
After breakfast, did a bit of work in the back garden with Su. This included sawing the top off the silver birch nearer the house, it spread out rather than reaching for the sky like its companion at the bottom of garden. After this, it was time for a cup of tea and catching up with last night's episode of "The Big C" (anything with Laura Linney in is always worth a look).  This sometimes quite dark comedy is about a melanoma sufferer and her (and her family's and friends') trials and tribulations. It is sometimes outrageously funny. Su went back out into the garden while I continued to gather my strength by watching the highly intellectual "Carry on Spying" (1964)!
After lunch it was off to Alice Park to Alice Park. Su and Bella went round a couple of times (Bella chasing a ball - surprise!). I stayed inside drinking hot chocolate, taking advantage of their free WiFi, and admiring their recently-acquired juke box (still being spruced up).
Su came back into the cafe, and I got a phone call talking about exam arrangements for Hong Kong. Then we both accompanied Bella out for yet another burst of ball throwing. This is the cafe - a friendly place to hang out.  If it was nearer, I could see me being a regular…
On the way back to the car, noticed these four reliefs on the side of Number 1, Alice Park (great address!). "Neither fish…"
 "… flesh…"
"… fowl…
"… nor good red herring"
I was impressed by this magnificent tree stump - a relic of a rather fine tree, Su tells me. 
Then it was back to the ranch, feeling energised by getting out and time to think about this blog as well as my bedtime reading... I don't mind admitting more of a dummy with this stuff than I should be - time to get with the programme!
This day a year ago, Su was down the bottom of garden admiring these hellebores.  I have just been down there, and they are just as beautiful this year! Also, this day I finally got approval of my application for voluntary severance from UWE.  The demob period started here!

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