Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Dublin Bound

Another bright start to the day. Cool at first, but that didn't last for long (except in our back room).
This forsythia is now in full flower.
Misty Valley again living up to its name, even as the sun rose higher in the sky.
I liked the shadow on this tree.
After a morning of ironing and getting ready to go, we headed off to the airport. Followed this van some of the way - I've never seen a "Cemetery Maintenance" vehicle before.
Sculpture on the roundabout outside the airport.
Sailed through security and had plenty of time for lunch at Bristol airport.
Off on time and in the air.
Flying over the Bristol Channel
South Wales
The Irish Sea
The coast of Eire
Great view of misty mountains to the South
A lake glinting in the afternoon sun.
Coming in to land
The view from my hotel - Christchurch
The view in the other direction.
Met up with four academics from the National College of Art and Design (NCAD) and we all trooped off to see/hear the exhibition of the PhD candidate's work at the Royal Irish Academy of Music
The exhibition was a combination of music, slide show and 3D printed visualisations of sound waves, which I thought looked quite classical/ecclesiastical.
Went for a meal afterwards with one of the NCAD people, who showed me the Halpenny Bridge over the River Liffy before helping me find my hotel again.
 Out of chronological sequence, Su shared this photo from Victoria Park last Saturday!
This day a year ago, we were coping with the clocks going forward, saw a film at the Little Theatre and walked around bits of Bath, including this historic site on Gays Hill.

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