Thursday, 22 March 2012

Jaunt to Taunton and More

Today started bright enough but with a brooding sky.
One of our neighbour's five Russian Blue cats checking out our decking. I let Bella out to have a bit of sport chasing it away!
Up into the attic to retrieve our big awning for the van. We inherited it with the van, but had yet to get it completely set up - seemed to be missing some poles. I liked this shadow of our fan on the roof.
We set off in the van to Somerset Camping, just outside Taunton to see if they had any spare poles to fit the awning.  Felt a bit of a dimwit when the chap said, "Isn't that a telescopic pole?". Hadn't noticed! After this, we quickly figured it out and now just need to sort out a few curtain fixings for it.  It is a really good size, so we now have a smaller awning that is surplus to requirements. eBay time?
After all this excitement, it was time to head off to Brean beach - via Bridgwater, Highbridge and Burnham-on- Sea. It was virtually empty, except for these two seagulls waiting for us to clear off so they could get the crusts from our picnic.
Mystic squiggles in the sand - I'm sure worm casts are a code of some sort!
Although the beach was accessible, the toilets were not. "We apologise for any inconvenience" indeed!
Just so you know…
And in case you didn't take that in…
The sky was lovely, with hazy mackerel cloud, and lovely light - and delightfully warm.
Completed our round trip of Somerset by coming back via our normal route along the edge of the Mendips and past Chew Valley Lake.

This day last year, I also walked along Perfect Place, on the way spotting some fearsome pieces of security ironware. 

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