Saturday, 3 March 2012

More Asleep Than Awake

Having gone to bed before 8 o'clock last night, I slept for the best part of eleven hours.  Thought I'd shaken off my lergi, but when I got up my head started to spin again. Looked at Phase One of the back garden reworking i.e. to take down the decking - functional but ugly, especially as it was put over the original steps which have a soil pipe through them (probably against regulations!)
It had turned from a miserable drizzly morning, so going to the beach at Brean seemed a much more attractive proposition.
Lots of sand yachts, kite surfers, seagulls and cars made the beach quite busy.
In fact a regatta was going on, so the toilets were open despite a notice saying they were not open until 1st April.
Sand yachts whizzing about even when they weren't racing.
Resting sand yachts that had run their races.
The sky was reflected in the hight tide. For once we were there at the right time, and Bella had a paddle as well as making us kick a ball endlessly for her.
Su drove us back. while I snoozed again, having dozed off earlier.  Woke up as we went the West Harptree and its Plantaganet-looking church.
 The sunset at Marksbury as we headed back towards Bath.
This day a year and a day ago (I got confused with the leap year), I spent all day inside (mainly in the dark) listening to Chris Watson doing his annual masterclass and lecture at UWE. Drove home through a lovely sunset.
Don't know how long I'll stay awake tonight - we have just eaten and had a glass of wine, so my eyelids are droopy…

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