Tuesday, 20 March 2012

A Day of Chores

A good reunion of Left At The Lights last night - managed to remember quite a few of our old numbers and started working on some new material.  Even talked about gigging, so watch this space for news of when we might be caught live! Woke early this morning and caught up with the world via my iPad until we lifted the blind to another dry and bright day. Still a few clouds about, but blue skies much appreciated after the grey of last week.
Forsythia starting to bloom.
The two unmoving cars, recently re-taxed but still not driven anywhere.  They take up at least 20% of this parking area…
The sun has moved up and touched the second level of our garden today - a celebration of the vernal equinox!
Went shopping (deep joy!). After lunch, thought it was about time that I gave the van its proper clean outside. By time I had given up finished two hours later, the gutters were clean, a lot of mould had been removed and I realised that it is a white van, not a dirty cream one!
By this time, Bella was agitating for a walk so we strode off into Charlcombe Valley. The leaves on the trees and shrubs have properly started to pop now.
How could I resist taking a photo of this windscreen sticker!?
The clouds were massing on the skyline, but it was still warm.
Evidence of youthful high jinks? Vodka Ice Blast indeed!
We clambered up the valley to Charlcombe Church.
Inside the church.
In the church garden, these furry catkins caught my eye.
Bella found a small stick to chew!
This dwelling has no vertical or horizontal lines - even the new chimneys they have had installed are off!
The clearing of the newly bought house's garden continues. I thought were keeping some of the trees, but it looks as if they are all coming down - and the digger keeps on digging…
This day a year ago, we were over in Nailsea at Barbara and Richard's meeting Symi friends, including Lottie.

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