Thursday, 1 March 2012

Gradually Sunny Day

The day started off misty and mild. Su took Bella off for a walk while I successfully practiced my egg boiling technique for breakfast. We finally got the TV aerial point moved upstairs this morning, so our upstairs lounge is now operational! The skies gradually cleared and it turned into a very pleasant warm day - Bella sat out the front keeping an eye on the world.
After moving the TV and associated boxes upstairs, I had to check it was OK and sit and watch it for a while. The day floated by until it was time to go out for a walk. Went up by the Golf Course, where this sign has been repainted and displayed more prominently than previously. I have never seen picnickers in the fields, I hear occasional shooting, but motor bikes are a fairly frequent annoyance (chewing up the paths and especially for the farmer when they ride across hay fields).
Evidence of a 19-point turn here?
One of my wackier business ideas is to drive around looking for hub caps at the side of the road to sell to people who lose theirs - maybe because I have lost too many myself (until I fixed them on with cable ties!)
The woods looked lovely in the sunlight.
A great shaggy heap of moss on a rotting tree trunk.
The combination of sun, wispy clouds and warm afternoon made everything look great.
Nothing like blue sky to frame a photograph.
Bella found a big chunk of log and spent a happy time chewing away, tail wagging all the while.
An old fashioned stile.
Came home to more lovely skies.
As the sun started to set, there was an orange tinge to the clouds.
We didn't get to see The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel last night after all. Went down to town, but there was a really long queue of the target demographic (i.e. "mature" people like us:-)!). We'll get to see it in the next week, so a review will be forthcoming. 

This day a year ago, Su went to Chew Valley Lake to retrieve my scarf that I had left there the day before when I went to meet Bob. This was a real favour because she got caught up in the resurfacing work on the roads there and spent hours finding her way back home. She had a nice walk with Bella when she eventually got there...
Finally, many thanks to all our readers for making last month our highest ever monthly total so far - especially impressive given that February is the shortest month!

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  1. So... now we are looking for a car driver with a glove and a hub cap missing. Strange customs in the West Country...