Sunday, 4 March 2012

Him Indoors

That's been my identity today.  Having slept for another 12 hours, I feel a bit better but still crashed out in an armchair after breakfast and have fought off a headache and aching limbs all day.  Su has been a star, going out this morning into grotty weather with a reluctant Bella (she is recovering from yesterday's exertions on the beach).
After I came to again, I restrung my guitar with these strings that my Canadian buddy, Guy, brought over last year -Vienna to Canada to Bath! They sound good.
Su made a delicious tomato and red pepper soup for lunch.  It was so nice we will have the rest for tea with delicious sausages from the farmers' market.
When Su went out with Bella this afternoon, the skies opened with hailstones. Five minutes later, this rainbow appeared.  Su didn't see it because she was going in the other direction, so here's her chance.
It continued to hail on and off for the rest of the afternoon - that poor yucca is hanging on in there still!
The skies cleared briefly and made the landscape look beautiful - until the next band of black cloud swept in. I did poke my head out of the back door earlier, but it was really cold, so I came straight back in.  I managed to have enough brain power to prepare my invoice for last month's Hong Kong teaching, and to line up some other work that needs doing. I hope to be back to normal functioning tomorrow.
This day a year ago, it was the end of another week at the Degree factory and a much appreciated glass of wine.

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