Friday, 23 March 2012

New bumper and UWE visit

After yesterday's hazy sunshine, this morning started off clear and bright.
Up and out quite early to take the van down to Bodyworks in Larkhall to fit a replacement rear bumper. Cleared a bit of space downstairs in the process.
Took Bella down with me and walked her back up the hill past St Saviour's Church.
This camper van has seen better days…
Bella had a sniff around the top of these allotments. Until a couple of years ago, this was waste ground covered in brambles.
Even the most undistinguished street looks good with a sky like this to frame it.
Went back down the hill to pick up the van. Most impressed by this cat in the in-tray.
Drove off to UWE to meet up with the Head of Computing from the college in Hong Kong, who I did not manage to meet up with when I was there in February. Arranged to see him when I go back in April. My old Faculty looks quite impressive with flower beds and sunshine!
This view of campus residences from the old Hewlett Packard site makes them look quite bucolic.
Walscourt House, where the University Vice Chancellor hangs out, and various meetings take place.
Met up with a few old colleagues and then meandered home through the early evening sunshine.  At home, Bella showed me her new toy, Phyllis. Snoopy has finally bitten the dust, having lost an arm and quite a bit of his stuffing.
This day a year agoSu enjoyed the wall-to-wall sunshine and got into the garden without a coat. Also heard that we would be able to get to our remote Greek island as the ferries were running there again. No photos from Su as she wrote the blog on her iPad whilst babysitting next door.

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  1. Sorry not to have encountered you at UWE today, Marcus. Wallscourt House always reminds me of Disney's Haunted mansion...