Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Quadriennial Opportunity

Only once every four years is there a chance to post a blog on this date (apparently my due date when my Mum was expecting me.  I would only be 15 if it had been my birthday - and retired already!). We went to see our flamenco concert last night at St Georges Hall in Bristol.  Originally a church, it still has some of original artwork (and the former crypt is now the bar). 
The concert was stunningly brilliant - Juan Martin the excellent guitarist with a great singer and two superb dancers - not much looking at the ceiling once they started! Afterwards we went for a meal in Mamma Mia's, a small Italian restaurant near Trenchard Street Car Park.
This morning was again grey and misty. Su went out, and I spent my morning assembling receipts for an invoice to UWE for last week's teaching and designing a simple letterhead. After lunch, Su's colleague Carole came round to talk about redesigning our back garden - there are big changes afoot, which will be reported here as and when they happen. Looks as if it will be Phase One at the weekend... The afternoon gradually turned bright and sunny, so I took Bella for a walk without a coat for first time in months.
Major works happening around the back of the next terrace up the hill. Not sure if this RSJ has been taken out or is waiting to be used in the rebuilding.
The light was beautiful.
Daisies are coming out. 
A lone crocus flower. 
The light through this hedge caught my eye.
New people moved in to a house on Charlcombe Way on Monday, and have got the tree surgeons in already to clear the rather overgrown patch of land they have. This was their bonfire, sending smoke and ash over a large part of the hillside.
St David's Day tomorrow, and the daffodils are out on cue.  This picture is especially for my brother Robin, AKA "Taff" for some strange reason:-)!
Lovely views over Little Solsbury with a great aircraft trail.
More catkins have burst out - a particularly long example here.
We were a little early for sunset photographs, but caught the pink tinge bathing the landscape.
Passed this hedge in bloom - lovely scent.
Soon we are off to the Little Theatre to see The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. This has a great cast, and the trailers look entertaining, but it got a pretty bad review in the Observer on Sunday.  We will go and judge for ourselves, and let you know the verdict in tomorrow's blog post

This day a year ago, there was no "this day". The last February 29th was in 2008, when we had not even started this blog, and before we had Bella to even think about after her. We still had our much loved collie, Tempo. This is him photographed after a long burst of one of his favourite activities - diving after sticks in the sea at Wembury in Devon.

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