Friday, 24 February 2012

Leaving Hong Kong

Our last day in Hong Kong.  I'm teaching the students all day about Surveillance (poor things), while Su said that she might go to a market up near the border with mainland China and then visit a monastery.  Her attempt to get to the zoo yesterday was thwarted by traffic jams on Hong Kong island… This was the view from our room looking down last night before we went out to eat - yet again delicious Chinese food!
This mural adorns the lobby outside the lifts on the floor of our room, although by now it is no longer our room!  We can stay in the hotel lounge until we leave this evening - I will meet Su there after I finish my teaching (students working away on surveillance reading and assignment preparation as I type...)
This was taken in the hotel lift - great light and reflection effects!
On the way to the station this morning, the wind had come up and was blowing the palm trees about most dramatically.
I was about five minutes later getting to the station this morning, and the train was really quiet - bliss!
Outside Fo Tan station, I was struck by this view up the valley - a real urbanised landscape.
At lunchtime, went off with the students to lunch.  This was the view from the college across the major road that circles it. Until recently, Sha Tin apparently used to be mainly fields and very rural in feel.
We went to a Japanese restaurant "Hong Kong style" - a hybrid type of food apparently.
This was the lunch the students ordered for me (I couldn't read the menu!), complete with egg cooking in the hot broth. It also had beef, tofu, cabbage and other greens, rice noodles and more ingredients - and it was delicious!
Walking back, saw this notice on a walkway of the housing estate that we came through to get back to the college. "Penalty points under the Marking scheme" - sounds a bit draconian, especially if you teach Surveillance!
We fly out this evening, so I may be able to post more before we go. If not, it will wait until we are back in the U.K. - with our sense of time thrown out of kilter for the second time in a week!

This day a year ago, I was waiting for my new laptop to finish transferring data while I walked Bella in the park.

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